About us

Blinkclick Games is a gamedev studio based in Cracow, Poland.

Our team consists of creative video games enthusiasts, who have professional experience in companies like Artifex Mundi, 7LEVELS and Reality Games. We offer game design consulting, creating complex game design from prototype phase to finished project as well as overall game development. We run gdmaniac.pl blog about game design and a website about mobile strategy games apptactic.com.


Business Offer

We can help with development, production and game design from prototype phase to finished project. Here is a part of our offer:

software/game development

continuation or polishing up of unfinished projects

developing or maintenance of finished projects

game/level design consulting

game pitch creating or consulting

mechanics design in the approachable documentation and dividing it into tasks in project management software

writing dialogs and texts for the game

narrative and story design

To ask about any other types of cooperation please write us an email in the contact section.

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My Father My Son

Two castaways: a father and son end up on a deserted island after an unexpected storm. The sailboat cruise that was to bring them together turns into a deadly fight for survival. The characters can only count on each other.
Funded by the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport of the Republic of Poland



Become a professional aquarist! Look after your aquarium by giving fish and other animals food, good conditions and nice company. Multiply and sell the best specimens at auctions. Take care of the fish, and they will repay you with a beautiful appearance that you can admire while cruising in a bathyscaphe!


Mowing Simulator Trailer

Take a mower in the relaxing Mowing Simulator! Mow grass manually at various levels such as yards, parks and lawns and even overpasses, golf courses and skyscraper roofs as well as at the most recognizable locations around the world. Run your own gardening company, earn money and invest in its development.



is a blog about game design. It contains articles at different levels, from beginner to expert, being a summary of current knowledge about game design. The blog is written in Polish.


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Blinkclick Games sp. z o.o.
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30-384 Kraków